It seemed like a nice neighbourhood to have bad habits in...

It got dark while the Socks huffed up the last scrapings of shoe polish. He was awake now.

Stumbling past the rain-clouded lights, he smirked at the two stockings of the night. She gave him back a smile he could feel in his hip pocket. 

Back alley no worse than others, rich, vigorous and full of pride. A city lost, beaten and full of emptiness.

"You like it down the back alley?"
"It's not too bad. You don't meet the best Socks, but who the hell wants to?"

In these mean streets anything can happen. Anything at all.

Living like this is a full-time business.

What Is The Hand In A Sock Collection?
Hand In A Sock is a collection of 4,545 randomly generated 24x24 pixelated NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Each Sock comes with varying traits and rarity.

What Is The Utility Of The Socks?
Fueled by the $SHOE token, the Sock Economy allows collectors to wager their Sock against an opponent's Sock in a drunken brawl down "The Back Alley".

Winner takes loser's NFT. 

Probability of winning in "The Back Alley" depends on two factors:
1. Rarity of NFT (visible to opponent)
2. Amount of $SHOE burned (NOT visible to opponent)

Big brains will use game theory of $SHOE to gain power and profit over the Sock Economy.

How & Where Do I Get $SHOE?
Every Hand In A Sock will receive a consistent & equal daily airdrop of $SHOE.

$SHOE can then be accumulated to mint "Sock Dealers". Sock dealers help conduct shady back alley businesses to increase daily airdrop of $SHOE per Hand In A Sock by 25%.

Maximum accumulation of $SHOE will have big payoffs in The Back Alley.

You'll need all the help you can get...

Minting Begins

May 14th 2022 19:00:00 GMT

Total Sock Supply


Price per Mint

0.169 SOL

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may 15-16 2022Phase 1

✅ Listing on secondary market places (once sell out) - LISTING SUBMISSION COMPLETE

Create verified Discord channel for Hand In A Sock Holders. Dedicated to molding $SHOE tokenomics to best benefit and bring profit to our holders and community.

may 21-28 2022Phase 2  

✅ Creation of $SHOE token & daily airdrop to Hand In A Sock holders - BACKEND TOKEN CREATION AND AIRDROP TEST COMPLETE

june 4-11 2022 Phase 3

Release of "Sock Dealers" - minted with $SHOE.

Each Sock Dealer will increase daily airdrop of $SHOE per Hand In A Sock by 25%

end of june 2022 Phase 4

Launch "The Back Alley". Wager your Sock against an opponents Sock.

Winner takes losers NFT.

Probability of winning will depend on two factors:
1. Rarity of NFT (visible to opponent)
2. Amount of $SHOE burned (NOT visible to Opponent)

Let the mind games begin...

july 2022 Phase 5

The back alley takes over...
- Merch (clothing, canvas art and more...)

meet the hands inside the socks

The One And Only Sock Pimp
Back Alley Kingpin and Ruler of $SHOE
Mr. P*
Back Alley Sock Artist and Brain Child
The All Seeing Eye
Smart Contract Keyboard Warrior
Sock Agent Of The Year
Chief Marketing Officer
Dangerous Dave
Community Manager and Back Alley Bare Knuckle Brawler
Back Alley Moderator #1
Back Alley Moderator #2
Back Alley Moderator #3

Frequently Asked Questions

"Nothing. He's already been told twice."

Yes. All Hand In A Sock NFT's have a rarity depending on their combination of six randomly generated traits: Background, Sock, Sock Accessory, Mouth, Eyes and Head

Yes. There will be a 7.5% royalty fee paid upon each re-sale of the NFT. Royalty fees go towards marketing, operational and developer costs to continue driving value for our project holders.

1. Holders will need to accumulate $SHOE via daily airdrop for "The Back Alley" and minting "Sock Dealers"  which will require Socks to be de-listed from marketplaces causing listings to go down and floor price to go up. 

2. As the value of Socks rise, demand and value of $SHOE will increase to Degen levels due to it playing a vital role in winning The Back Alley (and at the expense of losing your NFT). This will incentivize HODL behavior of the Socks to accumulate as much $SHOE as possible before risking it against an opponent's.

For example:
Situation 1: Sock valued at 5 SOL and NFT owner burns 50 $SHOE in The Back Alley
Situation 2: Sock valued at 10 SOL and NFT owner burns 50 $SHOE in The Back Alley

In both situations, the owner is burning 50 $SHOE in "The Back Alley" however, the value of $SHOE is now worth double due to the value of the Sock NFT being worth double.

3. As the demand for $SHOE rises, so will the value of Sock Dealers (Gen#2 of NFT collection) as Sock Dealers increase daily airdrop of $SHOE per Hand In A Sock by 25%. 

This means $SHOE accumulated via daily airdrop can also be used to profit by minting Sock Dealers and selling them on secondary marketplaces. 

4. As the project gains momentum & hype, more speculators will enter causing demand and floor price to rise.

5. When participants within the Sock economy lose their last Hand In A Sock in The Back Alley, their only way to re-enter the Sock economy is by purchasing a new Hand In A Sock on a Secondary Marketplace - thus pushing prices higher once more. 

Safe to say... "Send it with haste."
$SHOE is the token that fuels the Sock economy.

$SHOE will be airdropped daily to every Hand In A Sock holder and will be used to mint Gen#2 Hand In A Sock collection "Sock Dealers" and is vital for survival in "The Back Alley" where Socks battle it out to win their opponents NFT.
Can $SHOE Be Traded For Real Money?
$SHOE will be used exclusively within the Hand In A Sock ecosystem and will have no other functionality outside of it. 

$SHOE cannot be purchased from Hand In A Sock developers.

Non-Fungible Tokens are unique, easily verifiable digital assets that can represent items such as GIFs, images, videos, music albums, and more. Anything that exists online can be purchased as an NFT, theoretically.

NFTs are different from cryptocurrencies because they’re not interchangeable. Think of Pokémon cards: You can trade them, but a Gastly is not the same as a holographic Charizard. But a bitcoin is indistinguishable from another bitcoin.

One reason to buy an NFT is for its emotional value, which isn’t so different from physical objects...unless you’re a total utilitarian. No one buys lip gloss because they need it. They buy it for the way it makes them feel. The same can be true for a GIF, image, video, or other digital asset.

The other reason is because you think it’s valuable...and will only increase in value. And yes, you can make money off of an NFT by buying and reselling it for more.

NFT ownership is recorded on the blockchain, and that entry acts as a digital pink slip. Our NFTs will be encoded using Metaplex's smart contract on the Solana Blockchain.

We offer a number of wallet connections for minting, but Phantom is the recommended wallet.

We will be using a smart contract deployed on the Solana chain to distribute the NFT Launchpad. The tokens can be verified on the blockchain and our smart contract code can be audited by the Solana core devs.